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Current measures in the ski areas

Bad Kleinkirchheimer Bergbahnen

Bad Kleinkirchheim

  • Signs & information points with rules and advice for keeping yourself and others safe throughout the ski area.
  • Face coverings (masks and tube scarves): Face coverings must be worn in certain areas (e.g. POS/check-out area, access points, cable car cabins; keep an eye out for the signs).
  • Organisation of queuing areas: Irrespective of the current legal requirements, the queuing areas have been organised in a way that avoids groups of people standing too close together. Our staff are on hand to help and will also be happy to give you tips about the skiing area.
  • Hand hygiene: We have installed hand sanitiser stations inside our cable cars and toilet facilities.
  • Capacities: There is no legal requirement to reduce the maximum number of persons allowed inside the cable car or chairlift cabins; however, the permitted capacities will not be fully utilised when passenger numbers are low. Face coverings must be worn at all times inside the cabins.
  • Ventilation of the cabins: The cable car cabins are ventilated by opening the sliding windows when travelling towards the valley.
  • Disinfection measures: All cable car facilities, sanitary facilities and first aid rooms are regularly disinfected by us.
  • Staff who are in contact with guests must wear a face covering and gloves.
  • COVID-19 test: All staff are tested continuously and on an ad-hoc basis.
Skigebiet Dachstein West

Dachstein West

  • Mouth and nose protectors (MNS) must be worn in the queuing area, at the entry and exit points and on all our lifts (cable cars/gondolas, chair lifts, cable and drag lifts, conveyor belts) as well as in all enclosed spaces or wherever the minimum distance cannot be maintained.
  • We will organise the waiting areas in such a way that closely related groups of people can be avoided as far as possible.
  • Minimum distance: The minimum distance of 1 metre is not required by law in cable cars/gondolas and chair lifts, as well as in all other lift systems.
  • Number of persons: A reduction of the maximum number of persons allowed in the cable cars/gondolas or chair lifts is not legally binding. However, the permitted capacities will not be utilised if the number of passengers is correspondingly low. Please note: There is an MNS obligation!
  • Announcements in the ski area
  • Disinfection measures: Our cable cars/gondolas are regularly ventilated and disinfected with cold fogging equipment. Public areas are regularly cleaned and disinfected.
  • Disinfection of hands: the cable car installations offer sufficient hand disinfection facilities.
  • None of our trains runs longer than 10 minutes.
  • Our employees with direct customer contact wear a mouth and nose protector.
  • Cashless payment: At all our cash desks there is the possibility of cashless payment.
  • Information in the Ski Resort: In the entire ski resort you will find sufficient tips and information on info screens, posters, etc.
Skistar St. Johann in Tirol

Skistar St. Johann in Tirol

  • For passenger transportation in ski busses, cable cars and chair lifts, official federal rules for all public transport apply - basically meaning that wearing a mouth-nose-protection (MNP) is obligatory.
  • Good news: Multifunction-scarfs, ski masks, bandanas, buffs or tubular scarfs are accepted as MNP and perfectly suited for winter sports. If you don’t own an appropriate MNP, you can purchase a tubular scarf at our cashier’s desks at a cost price of € 1, 00.
  • All employees with direct guest contact are wearing a MNP. At our cashier’s desk there are glass screens ensuring the required distances. Wearing a MNP is obligatory in all enclosed areas, such as gondola and chairlift stations, ski rental, shops and restaurants. Kindly ensure the minimum distance of 1 meter to all persons outside of your household independently.
  • The cable cars and toilet facilities are being disinfected regularly with special cold fumigation tools. The special cold mist is spreading out long lasting and floating droplet clouds, eliminating 99, 99% of all bacteria, viruses and spores on surfaces within no time. The substance leaves no remains, is non-toxic, pH-neutral, skin- and eye-friendly and 100% bio-degradable.
  • Combined with a MNP our gondola capacities can be maintained and queueing time can be reduced.
  • Disinfectant dispensers are at your disposal at our cashier’s desks.

Measures for hygiene and safety in COOEE alpin hotels

  • Mouth and nose protection in the corridors, lobby and restaurant (except at the table)
  • Public disinfection stations in the entire hotel
  • Signage with information in public areas
  • Employees at the buffet to avoid traffic jams and ensure hygiene
  • Regular testing of all hotel staff
  • Increased repeated cleaning and disinfection in public areas and rooms
  • Frequent ventilation of public areas
  • Employees wear mouth and nose protection
  • Sauna usage only by appointment with maximum number of persons
  • Bar service at the table, not directly at the counter
  • Breakfast and dinner as buffet or table service, depending on the number of guests
  • Children's playroom must unfortunately remain closed
  • Keycards will be disinfected before issue



The safety and protection of our guests and employees is our top priority! Therefore, our employees voluntarily have themselves tested for the Corona virus every week. Thus, COOEE alpin Hotels are part of the initiative "Safe Hospitality", which was launched by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism. This means that tests are conducted every week in all hotels and the results are reported within 24 hours. In this way, in case of a positive test result, we can react quickly and effectively, and all planned measures will be implemented immediately.


Recommended behavior for our guests

  • 1-meter distance to other guests, except fellow travelers
  • Reservations in advance to avoid queues
  • Contactless payment, if possible
  • Refrain from touching or hugging other people
  • Wash hands with soap several times a day
  • Avoid touching the face
  • Sneeze or cough in the crook of your arm or tissue
  • Do not travel with symptoms of illness
  • Report symptoms of illness during the stay to the host


You have questions concerning your reservation? You are very welcome to contact our reservation office at booking@cooee-alpin or via hotline +43 5122 195 10. Together we will make sure that you can spend a nice, relaxing and safe holiday with us.